Verse One
Woke up pissed and lonely
Room was spinning round my head
Memoryís gone and the lights are on
Comatose in bed
Sheets still dank and sweaty
Can I still keep up the pace?
Life comes up and smacks me
Like a toaster in the face
But, oh oh
I found out
Iím drowned out
No time to be me
I found out
Iím burnt out
No time to be free
Verse Two
Boots are on and the rush is on
Off out with the boys
Pubs and clubs with the heavy dub
Too much fucking noise
Spinning round to the latest sound
Iím Ollie Reed on speed
Just a punk with a zimmer frame
But I still feel the need
Verse Three
Back again to my shitty den
Back down on my knees
Watch some porn or The Wicker Man
Or early sixties cheese
Drool on the pillow
Another greasy stain
Canít wait Ďtil Saturday
To do it all again
© Pointy Boss, Phil T. & Craig H. 1999
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