All day DARE punk benefit

From the top...
Pointy Boss
Here In Colour
Adulescents UK
Riot Squad
Pointy Keith and
Pointy Pete
Apocalypse Babys
The crowd!

The all day DARE benefit at The New Cross in Sutton in Ashfield on May 22 2004 provided a cracking first outing for new Pointy Boss drummer Brian who enjoyed his first ever live performance, even as his cymbal stand gave way and a PA monitor landed on top of his kit during the first couple of songs.

The band mixed up some old favourites, with some newer numbers, topped off with the first ever live performance of the soon-to-be classic Life is a Blur for Olivia.

The day worked really well, with a strong line-up of bands and some good organisation keeping things ticking over and giving each of the bands a decent slot on stage.

The evening was topped off by headline acts Apocalypse Babys, Riot Squad and Resistance 77.

Pointy Rich Event organiser Calvin Madin Resistance 77 Pointy Brian
Apocalypse Babys

Riot Squad

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