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See a full tracklisting, and download extracts of songs (in MP3 format) — including a short blast of Pointy Boss' Motivator, here.

Pete, Mansfield recording, May 2003 Keith, Mansfield recording, May 2003 Nik, Mansfield recording, May 2003 Rich, Mansfield recording, May 2003
Pointy Boss contribute two tracks to BRAND NEW RAGE — the classics Motivator and Killer. Read the band's original sleeve notes for these recordings, below:


One of the band's all-time favourite Subs tracks, Nottingham's Pointy Boss opted for a full-on, no-nonsense rendition of the classic Motivator. With loads of Subs covers already in the band's repertoire, it proved a surprisingly easy first choice. "Motivator is the type of song that suits our own playing style", say the band. "It's exactly the kind of powerhouse material that we try to write ourselves. It felt right to do a number written by Charlie Harper too — as a tribute to his irrepressible conviction that the UK Subs matter. We just wish that the Subs included the number in their current live set more often."


"The Subs have been one of the most significant influences on our approach to song writing", say Nottingham punks Pointy Boss. "We've arranged gigs for the Subs, and play support to them, many times on many different tours. All of us have played UK Subs covers in previous bands over the years, and we've knocked around with Killer since the earliest days of Pointy Boss.

Here we've slowed it down a touch, and tried to fill it out a little too — small changes, but they seem to work well. We chose Killer from Another Kind of Blues as a good contrast to the much later Motivator."

Pointy Boss are: Keith: guitar; Nik: drums; Pete: lead vocals; Rich: bass and backing vocals.

Recorded at Unit 5 Studios, Mansfield, 4 May 2003. Engineered by Steve Davies; mixed by Steve Davies and Pointy Boss. 

Poster from December 200 gig with the UK Subs-

Poster from December 2000 Pointy Boss gig with the UK Subs

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