Engineer Steve Davies at the controls
Recording the new
Pointy Boss
CD, 2003-04

Pete and Nik check out the NME
Setting up to let rip...
Keith relaxes between takes

Unit 5 Studios, Mansfield, July 2003


Work on the new Pointy Boss CD began in July 2003, with a return to Unit 5 Studios in Mansfield to record as many drum tracks as possible before Nik's departure from the band.

All four original members of the band were keen to commit to CD the set that they have written and performed since Pointy Boss's formation in 1999. This included classic Pointy numbers such as Baudeline, This Ends Today and Where Did You Go?, alongside newer songs such as Believe You Don't Me and Things Like That.

In the first evening session, drum and bass tracks for more than fifteen songs were recorded including one new number that had only been introduced to the band the previous week Life is a Blur for Olivia.

Pointy Boss - original line-upGuided by the perceptive ear of engineer and mixer Steve Davies, the band returned to the studio in the months that followed to set down the remaining bass tracks, and to add layers of guitar and vocals to the mix.

With principal recording completed at the end of January 2004, and a rough mix pulled together, the band are optimistic that the still untitled CD will be ready for release within a matter of weeks. You'll read about it here first...

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