10 June 2004  
Name: radder - singer with anti-social dog
E-mail: paul.radford33@ntlworld.com
Website: Working on it

Saw your set [at Sutton-in-Ashfield on 22 May 2004] as we were waiting to do ours after you - thought you were good. Like your web site - made an effort, unlike us - we're lazy talentless bastards. Catch ya later, radder

5 June 2004  
Name: rob - from a band called sheer h2o
Website: www.sheerh2o.co.uk

Take a look at the site. We heard from a friend that one of you's lot wanted to play with us - but we've got a band that you may want to play with even more. They're proper old skool punk like you: www.halfwit.vze.com. You would love 'em, but we would be interested in playing shows with you.

1 June 2004  
Name: The Supermen
E-mail: c_fn_4@hotmail.com
Website: www.thesupermen.com

Just happened across your site and listened to the rock, and you guys are badass.

25 February 2004  
Name: Johan
E-mail: johan@selfdestruckt.net

You guys rock, and I am proud to say I am on a CD with you guys [Brand New Rage] ...or I am just a kiss ass?

7 July 2001 -
Name: Drew
E-mail: drew@traylor.tc

Great site guys. Took the link from Magnet's site and am impressed. Look forward to seeing you guys again. Been a long time since I finished working at Magnet and I miss the old faces. Cheers guys.

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