Pointy Boss, live at the Lock and Lace
Live at The Lock & Lace
Nottingham, 23 February 2001

Not so vacant. Pete shows how it's done properly
Can't you play it any faster
A vibrating present!

The Lock & Lace got itself a council approved music license only days before the news was confirmed that landlord Craig (he of continuing Snitch fame) was moving on to a bigger and better pub in Sheffield. This meant not only that Nottingham would lose a new and vital music venue, but that our band would be saying goodbye to a top mate, and Pointy enthusiast, too.

There was just time to pull together a ‘hello and goodbye’ gig, with as many acts as could be conscripted at the last

'You hum it, and I'll see if I can pick it up...
Alcohol, Caffeine and — would you believe — Pills?
The crowd go wild...

minute — including Pointy Boss. Some of these acts even turned up on the night — including Pointy Boss. Stuffed into a packed line-up, Pointy Boss cranked out four top tunes — Little White Lie, Nothing Here's for Sale, Baudeline, and Alcohol, Caffeine & Pills — in record time, ably assisted on the closing number, in now traditional fashion, by Snitch's finest.

Later Pointy Pete taught BiTE how to perform 'Pretty Vacant' and other top tunes, as bands mingled, merged and unwound. It was — as is apparent — a top evening all round, and just the kind of booze-fuelled, guitar-fest send-off our heroic landlord wanted. Nottingham's loss is Sheffield's gain...


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