Pointy Boss  at The Old Vic 19 June 2001
Around sixty people, scattered around the ‘aircraft hangar’ that is the upstairs at The Old Vic, turned out to watch the Pointy Boss and The Spice Pistols knock out some top tunes on Tuesday 19 June 2001.

Pete. None other.

Pointy, as it were, Boss

The audience dance, photograph and film.

Technical problems (like a completely silent PA system, and the absence of the sound engineer to work it) left things running behind schedule, as the one-CD ‘disco’ worked overtime to hold the audience's attention. Eventually, things fell into place, soundchecks were grabbed, and the evening got underway.

First up, The Spice Pistols took to the stage to serve up a tasty set of punk and new wave classics.

'Wave your hands in the air like you don't care'
The Spice Pistols. We like working with them.

Pete. And Keith. Together at last.

Audience favourites included The Clash's ‘London Calling’ and Blondie's ‘Hanging on the Telephone’, but there were loads more goodies to choose from.

As debates continued about the merits of the sound mix pumping out of the resucitated PA, Pointy Boss hit the stage to power through a sweaty set of pointy goodness old and new. Receiving their premier live outing were the new Pointy Boss number Put Me Down and the band's first cover song, a version of The Ramones' ‘Pet Semetary’

Shamefully, The Old Vic shut both bars early, depriving Pointy Boss — and especially Nik ‘just-water-for-me’ Smith — of post-set beer, so the band's £12 profit went unspent.

More photos from the gig are on display in the Gallery.


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