BiG THiNG POiNT would like to thank each member of the vast army of Pointy Boss followers that together work so hard to make this site a success. 

Amongst their countless number, a few names stand out. 

Our special thanks go to:

  • Ali, and everyone involved with the Nottingham 'Positivity' project; Micky, for the Newark Gusto's gig; Stuart for the Mansfield Brown Cow gig; and Smelly Mob for the Nottingham Clinton Arms gig.
  • Apocalypse Babys and Noose for the shared gigs.
  • Steve Davies, at Unit 5 Studios in Mansfield, for his engineering and mixing skills.
  • Julie, for all her encouragement, superb live photography and ever patient road haulage services.
  • Phil, for the band logo, song writing, word-of-mouth promotional work, and for singing along in the choruses.
  • Ben, for being such a Pointy enthusiast, travelling cross-country to the gigs, organising MP3 files for us, and — not least — for running the world's first fully independent and unofficial Pointy Boss web site, Pointed Remarks.
  • Rob, at Magnet Studios, for providing us with a rehearsal space in our Room 4 home-from-home, hiring us equipment, letting us use the vocal PA in ways the manufacturers never intended, and (on December 1 2000) for lending us a hi-hat clutch — on a moment’s notice, for now’t.
  • Drew, also at Magnet Studios, for loaning us his minidisc for recording (and showing us how to work it), and for his interest in and support for what we do.
  • Tom, at our Nottingham recording studio for engineering and mixing our We Are Demo CD and tape.
  • Paul, sorely missed former landlord of the Running Horse, for offering us support slots with the UK Subs and 999.
  • Young master Craig for co-authoring the unforgettable Toaster lyrics, and for belting them out at the Old Vic gig
  • Old master Craig at the Lock and Lace, for endless amounts of encouragement, enthusiasm and hospitality; and for making the December 1 2000 gig happen (because it wouldn’t have without him).
  • Debs, for the inspired coloured version of the Pointy Boss logo pictured above.
  • Mark, for patiently explaining to a dimbo all about HTML, ISPs, and FTP protocols, and for turning out for the very first gig.
  • 999, and especially the mighty Arthur, for the February 2000 gig. 
  • Chris, for enthusiastic support, and patient loan of cameras, cars and PC and Hi-Fi systems

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