Pointy Pete checks out the wordsWhere does the band name Pointy Boss come from? 

The name "pointy boss" comes from director Ringo Lam's 1987 movie City on Fire, a film now widely recognised as providing much of the 'inspiration' for Quentin Tarantino's 1992 'heist gone haywire' flick Reservoir Dogs. 

Soon-to-be Pointy Boss guitarist Keith was watching a subtitled-version of the Hong Kong movie on video sell-through, and was confronted by the unforgettable sense-mangling line "pointy boss with gun!" - yelled by one character at another during one of the tense 'Mexican standoffs' that Tarantino was to 'make good use of' some five years later. 

Our post-Channel Stoopid band needed a new name. We all liked this suggestion. A lot. For about ten minutes we were called 'Pointy Boss - With Gun', until we decided that, in this case, less was more. 

Nik hits things. With sticksWhere does the site name Big Thing Point come from? 

'Big thing point' is a line from the the 1980 season of the BBC 'topical comedy' emsemble sketch show Not the Nine O'Clock News. 

In the sketch 'Bad Language' (scripted by Richard Curtis), a panel debates the supposed 'corruption' of the English language by 'rude words' and 'explicit sexual references' - a process said to be so far gone that such phrases are used without the speakers even being aware of uttering them. They have become, as the panelist played by Rowan Atkinson explains, "part and parcel and pubes of every day conversation". 

As the argument heats up, Atkinson's character challenges his dismissive opponents, who are oblivious to their own porno-rich language, by insisting - "that's my whole big thing point". Marvellous. The entire tickle my nuts sketch can be slowly savoured in its original vinyl glory on the 1981 BBC LP Hedgehog Sandwich. 

The self same stunning and distinctive Pointy Boss logoWho is responsible for the stunning and distinctive Pointy Boss logo? 

The original Pointy Boss logo was lovingly hand-crafted by the now elderly and embittered graphic artist Phil Hedgehog - the much respected drill-sergeant of the wholly ficticious 'Pointy Boss Barmy Army'. 

A full-colour version of the logo was then produced by Debs, which has since appeared on T-Shirts, the We Are Demo tape cover, and all over BiG THiNG POiNT. The largest version of it on-line to date can be found on the site credits page


Keith. Rock God.How many gigs had Pointy Boss done by the morning of 23 May 2004? 

Seventeen in total. See the gigs page for details of all Pointy Boss gigs past and present. After a live-gig lull in 2003, Pointy Boss are keen to return to the live fray, now that they have been joined by new drummer Brian, following the departure of Nik in the summer of 2003. Brian played his first gig with the band in May 2004.

Can I hear any Pointy Boss songs right now?

Yes. You can listen to tracks from the 2004 CD-albumThings Like That here. To access RealAudio and MP3 versions of all four tracks off the previous Pointy Boss CD No Frills, No Glitz, hosted by peoplesound, click here. To access RealAudio and MP3 versions of tracks from the band's first CD release, We Are Demo click here. The first commerical release by the band is the inclusion of two songs on the UK Subs tribute compilation CD Brand New Rage, which is now available to buy on-line, see here. You can also buy copies of Pointy Boss CDs on-line here.
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