Pointy Boss
Live at The Old Vic
September 26 2000
Pointy Boss' first headlining gig, at The Old Vic pub on Fletcher Gate in Nottingham, on Tuesday September 26 saw the band premier five new songs to an audience packed with punks, librarians, comic shop employees, dental workers and publicans.

Heard for the first time were soon-to-be-favourites Are You Happy Now?, I Love The Bomb, This Ends Today, Small Town Mind, and the anthemic Toaster dedicated to the song writing duo in the front row who composed this three-chord exemplar. Support on the night was provided by Snitch, Fletch Lives, and The Brown and Root. A Pointy return to The Old Vic is now historically unavoidable.-

Fletch Lives Rich and Pete
Fletch Lives
Rich + Pete
The Brown and Root Keith
Brown & Root


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