Gary behind the kit at Magnet, February 2009

Beginning at the tender age of 12, Gary bravely stepped into the world of music, taking drum lessons despite still recovering from a broken wrist. The bug sank its teeth in instantly and in the summer of '98 a (piss poor) session 'pro' drum kit was purchased to annoy the parents/neighours/dog.

Early influences mainly included the rock and grunge bands of the 80s and early 90s and various avenues introduced to him by a talented and eclectic local drum tutor (including dabbling with latin, jaaaazz and swing drumming).

The undoubted musical low point of the early days was having to play along to the Eastenders theme tune in a music exam.

Development after the first few stumbling steps has mainly been centered improvising in the company of bands.

2000-2006: 'The Tendrils' Rock/Grunge/Punk/Indie/etc.

Gary on the drums in The Tendrils Initiation into 'group activities' was at the hands of Alien Tendrils. The name that had been thought up in the school physics lab later became The Tendrils as the 'alien' bit sounded pretty pants. Schoolyard success was instantaneous after the first gig at the school's 'Art fair' and after that point the intrepid three went farther a field. Playing at a good variety of gigs around the Nottingham/Derby area the band became a regular sight in the local punk scenes; despite being several years under-age.

(Greg - a hairy and extrovert friend since early childhood - on guitar/vocal chords had an impressive beard, Emma - on bass was female and its rude to ask a lass her age don't you know, and Gary was fairly tall for a 15 year old.)

Gary - motorcyle hero on tour Usual haunts at this point commonly included the fabled Vic Inn at Derby; the Old Angel, Nottingham and various small pubs.

Differences in musical opinion unfortunately saw the back of Emma on bass who wished to play more funky interludes while the others wanted to go heavier. This was a turning point for the band is it gave the opportunity to invite a local friend Chris Bliss A.K.A 'Blissy' to join forces.

A gig at 'The Shed' Leicester was possibly a harsh initial rite of passage but many pints soothed the pre-set tension and diluted Mr Bliss's blood so much he bled all over his lovely new Ibanez bass. The gig was a rousing success despite an ill-conceived Nirvana cover.

Gary poses at workWith a capable and party hard bassist on crew The Tendrils exhausted all local gigs playing most venues across Nottingham and expanded their fanbase, playing in Mansfield (Home of Alvin Stardust!), Southampton, Leeds and Durham, and a couple of local 'mini-festivals' known as the 'Laughing Stock' held at the prestigious Nottingham Boat Club and the Arboretum.

The Tendrils recorded a lot of material and flogged few different EPs off at gigs to unknowing victims, this was achieved with the capable help of the Guitarist's father, who just so happened to be a sound engineer.

The most bizarre point of the band's time playing was having a couple of tracks put on a regular play-list on Spanish radio - those wacky Spaniards.

Unfortunately in the depths of 2006 parting ways and university saw an end to the band.

Late 2007-Present: Un-named rock/metal band

Gary drums with dreadlocks

On an escapade at the now closed Junktion 7 Gary drunkenly stumbled into an old friend and got chatting about music. The next day Gary was reminded he'd joined a band and decided to turn up at practice and 'have a go'.

Playing 80s/90s sounding rock/metal, Gary rediscovered the love of drumming and the pain of hitting his hands against hard metal objects when missing drum skins.

Though no gigs have yet been played the band are in the midst of training a new guitarist for the eventuality of playing some.

Late 2008-Present: POINTY BOSS (Obviously)

While waiting around for the rehearsal room at magnet studios sneinton Gary spied a poster on the wall, apparently a 'punk/new wave' band were recruiting - a drummer none-the less! After curiously vetting the website and liking what he heard a great deal; a decision was made and an e-mail sent. Gary now becoming the newest members of the Pointy Boss fraternity and with gigs scheduled and more possibilities on the horizon he is hoping for a good year.

The Future

Gary, lagerGary has intentions to buy a fancy 'Staccato' drum kit (interesting concept projection drum kit from 70s/80s?) and sit all day drooling at it, not daring to play it.

Other more likely plans involve developing a doomsday device to control / destroy the Earth (whichever comes first).



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