Pete with his best Paddington Bear hard stare. As used on Mr Gruber.Here Pete provides a whistlestop tour through twenty-plus years of punk rock'n'rollery:

Damaged: 1980-1983

Influences: Bullshit Detector and the Streets compilation.

After various line-up changes and names (ie Anarcho-Gestures, Dead Letter and New Limbs For Old Bodies) Damaged, as they would eventually be known, made their live debut as support to Resistance 77 at the Black Horse in Somercotes, Derbyshire. This was an impromptu performances with the line-up of Pete (bass & vocals), Dick Swain (lead vocals), Gary Holt (drums) and Spot (guitar). The latter was procured, in true punk fashion, from the audience and knew none of the songs. I merely instructed him to "follow me". A big punch-up ensued! Spot stuck with us for one more gig — a review of local bands at Brinsley Community Hall — before being replaced by Danny Scott (now a journalist with What's On in London).

Damaged played regular gigs at the height of the eighties punk rebirth, regularly supporting the likes of Resistance 77, Riot Squad, Septic Psychos and Verbal Warning.

Damaged also produced a four-track demo ('Expatriate', 'Nightmare, 'Get Out, Stay Out' and 'Rumours') which is now sadly lost (unless anyone knows better?), and were considered for — but not signed by — Rot Records.

Lovers of Outrage #1: 1984-1985

By 1984, musical tastes within Damaged had changed and we were listening to more melodic stuff (ie Buzzcocks, Damned, Ramones, Thunders, Stooges, etc). It was decided that a new vocalist should be found, but — due to unreliability — Craig (the chosen replacement) never sang with us live. As a result, I took on vocal duties and a second guitarist (Rob Young) was enlisted to flesh out the sound.

We debuted as support to Karma Sutra and went on to play many times in most parts of the country, often as headliners but most notably as support to the The Nightingales (ex-Prefects). One demo was recorded ('Get Your Hands of My Girl', 'We Can't Be Together') before the split in 1985.

Pete, on bass and vocals, in Lovers of Outrage, aged 17 or 18 Pete, on bass and vocals, in Lovers of Outrage, aged 17 or 18
Pete on bass and vocals in Lovers of Outrage aged 17-18.

Lovers of Outrage #2: 1985-1986

This was a new one for me — no bass to hide behind. These duties were taken on by Martin Barber, with drums by Ady Parkin (later of Fudge Tunnel), and after a short while Chris North on guitar (later of Meatfly). This line-up was less active gig-wise and moving in a more mainstream direction. I soon moved on to pastures new.

Talking to Strangers: 1986

This was even more odd. Influenced by Devo, Wire, Suicide and Sparks, I formed a duo with multi-instrumentalist Paul Strange. One demo was recorded ('Dance', 'Say You Will'), but I was soon back in a 'proper' band.

Cheatin' Hearts: 1986-1993

Originally called Shotgun Wedding, we debuted at Kirkby Ace and, after a few line-up changes and a support to UK Subs at Kirkby Festival Hall, the personnel was as settled as: Pete Kitts (vocals), Lee Cornish (guitar & vocals), Johnny Marsh (guitar), Margo (bass) and Funghi (drums). We played a few sell-out dates at Kirkby-in-Ashfield pubs (most notably at the Waggon and Horses) and went on to play key dates at Nottingham's Bobby Browns and Mansfield Rock Shop. We recorded one demo ('Take Me Home', 'Don't Cheat On Me', 'She's No Good', 'I See Your Eyes') and even had one of our originals (Tinsel Town) covered by Apocalypse Babys on their third album.

The addition of a new bass player in the final winter (one Rich Cross) signalled a return to my punk roots and the end of Cheatin' Hearts. The rest (Channel Stoopid, Pointy Boss) is history.

Contact: pete@pointyboss.co.uk


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