The early musical biography of Pointy Boss's first — and now former — drummer

NikNik's love affair with pounding drum skins was sparked in 1988 when Holmfirth/Wakefield collaboration Vindictive first spewed itself across Yorkshire.

Violently bad and with absolutely no self-respect, Vindictive managed three eventful gigs: one at Nik's school, one at Brockholes Village Hall, and one with seminal Huddersfield hardcore punks the Rubber Whips at Players Snooker Club. After being asked not to play again at school for being too noisy (!), a ruckus at Players, and being banned from Brockholes for white cider related offences, Vindictive sensibly split up.

After failing to kick the rock n roll bug, a few months later Nik and a former Vindictive-ite were again putting together a new, bigger, better band. What was created was the first incarnation of Mr. Jolly. After one truly awful gig in Wakefield, the bassist was so ashamed he quit and moved to Scarborough. The guitarist not long after emigrated to Spain. The hunt was on again…

Mr. JollySearching the hot beds of music talent in the pubs of Dewsbury, Batley and Wakefield for new recruits, two new members were reluctantly settled upon. What emerged became the legend that was known as Mr. Jolly. So the four horsemen of the Cleckhuddersfax rock apocalypse set out on the road to stardom armed with poor equipment, little talent, but bags of energy and a following drunk enough to appreciate the noise. With a Charles Bronson/Tommy Cooper crossbreed on vocals, and a Steve Jones/Yogi Bear crossbreed on bass the band were ready. The first gig was a truly awesome affair, padded out with covers of the Damned, the Sisters and Duran Duran (!)

Over the next three years the Jollies managed over a hundred gigs including support slots with the UK Subs, the Vibrators, 999, GBH and the Damned. They played as far and as wide as Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford and Huddersfield. The final gig was appropriately held in Dewsbury as a mark of respect to the legions of Jolly fans. For the next three years Nik had packed away his drum sticks and shied away from the media spotlight. This was until a con trick forced him to join Pointy Boss where he still resides today, until he can think of a decent excuse to leave.

[ Nik packed away his sticks once more and departed the Pointy drum stool
in July 2003

Mr. Jolly's Nik
Mr. Jolly's

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