Keith: Pointy Boss Guitar
Keith. Yesterday.A late (but happy) convert to heavily overdriven electric guitar, Keith has a decidedly odd and patchy musical history.  

Starting with the Band with No Name in 1988, several rehearsals led to an appearance as Noddy Holder and a set of 70's covers at a retro-70s party (well ahead of its time - it's all the rage now, you know).  

Later that year came the non-gigging, short lived, feedback oriented Rythmic Paradox. 'Nuff said. In 1991, he guested on acoustic guitar at the salubrious Beeston Rugby Club, playing a set of folky rubbish with The Hamsters of DoomKeith, live at the Running Horse, 14 December 1999 

Then in late 1997 he helped form Grumpy Old Men, a covers band aiming to celebrate the drummer's 30th birthday. Owing to a landlord of monumental tediousity, the gig never happened, but this led to Keith joining the late lamented Channel Stoopid in its final incarnation in 1998.  

Out of the wreckage of that punk ensemble came Pointy Boss, who are just lovely, don't you see? Keith's ambition is to play a half-decent lead-break the same way twice.



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